When it comes to hydraulic repairs, quality is everything! Our hydraulic specialist has over 25 years experience in repairing all types of hydraulic components, whether you need a simple reseal or a major rebuild. We can repair many different types of cylinders such as: single & double action multistage telescopic. We have an in-house machine shop designed to manufacture and duplicate cylinder components.

Cylinder Repair:

Hydraulic Hoses:

Pumps & Valves:

All cylinders are thoroughly inspected for damages upon disassembly. We clean, polish & decontaminate all components before reassembly. All cylinders are tested to ensure they function within their parameters before it leaves our shop.

Custom made to your specifications in our shop or at your location.

We repair many different brands of jacks,pumps, & valves.


At our facility, our top notch machinists invite you to bring in your hydraulic cylinders, attachments, pins & bushing, & drive motors that need repairing. We perform a variety of work ranging from minor repairs to major overhauls of hydraulic and pneumatic equipment. Our experienced machinists are able to construct your parts to OEM standards, if replacement parts are unavailable. We reproduce rods, bodies, head glands, pistons, & nuts.

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